Ethics Statement

I believe honesty and transparency are critical for making credible product reviews. I know that people might spend money on the basis of my statements. I think it's important to know how I conduct my reviews and to declare any interests I may have.

This is my current policy as of May 2015. See below for updates.


My Youtube channel is enabled for monetisation as part of the Youtube partner program. This means I receive advertising revenue from people watching my Youtube videos. Google selects advertisements to run and advertisers to work with through the Adsense program. I do not have any input into what advertisements get run or when, beyond enabling individual videos for monetisation and excluding certain categories of advertising which I feel are inappropriate.


My channel is partially supported by crowdfunding through Paypal, Patreon and Youtube Fan Funding. If you'd like to help out, you find out how here:


Sometimes manufacturers may offer me invitations to events where they can demonstrate their products. At these events they may provide meals, gifts, or other considerations. Where I was exclusively invited on the basis of my social media presence, I will not accept freebies or meals exceeding $50 AUD in total value.
I do not attend these events if there is a precondition that I publicise anything about the event.

Review Units

Unless otherwise specified, the products and services featured in my content were personally purchased by myself through retail channels. Buying the product at retail forces me to do more research and it puts the purchase price and sales / after-sales experience in perspective. Sometimes I resell the products I review afterwards to recover some funds.

As of 26 June, 2014, I do not accept review units from manufacturers.  I detailed my reasons in this opinion piece. Consider donating to the channel to support my reviews!

I have made a spreadsheet in which I will summarise my product reviews and the basis on which I purchased or received them, including review units accepted before June, 2014.

It can be viewed here:


I am always open to feedback and comments about how I conduct my reviews. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to let me know. I think it is important that reviewers be held to high standards of transparency.


  • May 2015: Major cleanup to reflect / clarify current policies. The previous version of this statement can be found here:
  • January 2015: Update regarding the Sony X program.
  • September 2014: Added information regarding crowdfunding.
  • June 2014: Update because I no longer accept review units.