Hi! My name is Lachlan. I make videos and write about things that I like (or don't like).

I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Sydney, Australia when I was very young. I can speak Cantonese, but poorly.

I'm now a University student in my 20's, completing a Postgraduate degree in Media Art. I started doing reviews to improve my videography and presentation skills, as well as to learn more about social media. I am surprised and delighted to have gotten into contact with so many great people through my content :D

You can talk to me on Twitter @lachlikesathing or check out my Facebook page.

For business enquiries, you can send me an email here. Please do not use this email to send me requests for recommendations or other kinds of personal emails.

You can read my ethics statement about my content here: http://www.lachlanlikesathing.com/p/ethics-statement.html