Saturday, 14 June 2014

Some Thoughts About Let's Plays

So I finally uploaded the first Let's Play video on my channel. I've done game streams in the past, but I've never been overly happy with the results.

I decided to start off the festivities with the indie RPG, "Sometimes Always Monsters", because it's a game that I haven't played before, seemed relatively interesting from a few reviews I've read, it's a type of game that lends itself well to LPs and also because Devolver Digital has a very clear policy on Youtube uploads of the games they publish.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to talk a bit about let's plays though.

When I first heard about let's plays, I thought that they were a pointless waste of time. Why on earth would you watch people play games when you could play them yourself?

I don't remember how, but eventually I started watching them and I came to realise the appeal of the genre.

1) It's less about the games and more about the familiarity with the people playing with them - seeing how they respond, etc. In that sense they are like podcasts.
2) You can watch let's plays actively, or you can just leave them on in the background, again like podcasts.
3) Often times LPers will play games you may not have heard of before, or may not actually ever want to play yourself.

Keep in mind that some of these points seem to apply to why people watch my Youtube reviews as well...

I probably spend way too much time each day watching LPs, but I find them a pretty relaxing form of entertainment. I actually prefer the LPs that are just straight streams as opposed to edited highlights. This works out well for everyone since those are also easier to make!

If you're curious, here are some of the channels I follow. I tend to like funny or goofy LPers, but of course that's relative.

Two Best Friends Play
These guys are my favourite LPers. I think I started watching LPs because of them. Their original highlight reel style  'Two Best Friends Play' series was partnered with Machinima, but I think recently they are doing their own thing on 'TheSw1tcher' channel.

These guys are high energy and just great. You may recognise Egoraptor from his delightfully horrifying animations.

I think these guys are prominent goons from Something Awful? They do something a bit different, they take other people's LPs and just comment over them Mystery Science Theatre style. It's amazing how little difference this seems to make.

I think it was KPopp's LPs that switched me onto the idea of how hilarious dating sims are to play as Let's Plays.